Fixing Battery Vibrators

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It is a sad but true fact that battery powered vibrators tend to be poorly thought out, and have a built in obsolescence. While there are always exceptions to the rule most battery powered sex toys will last between a couple weeks and a couple years. More reputable sex stores will offer some sort of warrantee with their products (the standard seems to be about 30 days).

In addition to some preventative measures there are a few common problems that can be easily checked that may bring your toy back to life. Most problems that can be fixed are related to the batteries and the connections inside the vibrator.

Index: Fix a Battery Powered Vibrator

  1. Intro to Fixing Battery Powered Vibrators
  2. Fixing the Spring
  3. Check for Something Blocking the Connectors
  4. Pulling up the connectors

Fixing the Spring

A common problem with older vibrators is that the spring in the cap becomes flattened and no longer keeps a tight connection between the batteries and the connectors at the top and bottom of the vibrator. You can open up your vibrator and gently pull the spring up to reestablish a snug connection.

Check for Something Blocking the Connectors

Many battery powered vibrators have a piece of plastic or paper inside the battery compartment. This is there to keep the vibrator quieter, by preventing extra noise of batteries rattling in the case. Over time this piece of paper can slide down and get lodged in front of the connectors. You can remove this paper or plastic entirely. If your toy begins to make a lot of noise you can replace it with a new rolled up piece of paper.

Pulling up the connectors

Battery powered vibrator caps that do not use a spring to make a connection often have two connectors at the top of the cap. Over time these connectors get depressed and no longer allow for a tight connection (which in turn, could depress the owner of the toy!) Gently lift the connectors up to ensure a snug connection when the cap is closed.